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  1. Sounds about right.

  2. Emma Hart says:

    I love Moses lying on his bed … hysterical bless him …

  3. My beagle come to work with me, and I very often get this :-)

  4. Laurie Maki says:

    Hilarious vids!!

  5. Michele Chito says:

    You left one out… I’d say priority #1 is a tie between food and sniff/smell/snoot or whatever variation you might call it. :-)

  6. Jodi Lynn Strong via Facebook says:

    I cant upload mine either from my smartphone either. Ill have to email her video too.

  7. Mine were taken on my windows phone :) I think it’s the standard for smartphones? But that’s all I have!

  8. Melanie Rose Shores via Facebook says:

    YAYY!!! :) Gosh I love this site. And loveee alll the beagggies!!

  9. Added support for mp4 videos which I think are iPhone videos. The emailed videos will be online sometime tonight. Melanie – Got your video of Bridget.

  10. Melanie Rose Shores via Facebook says:

    I emailed mine as well, I hope it worked *fingers and paws crossed*

  11. Got the emails. Anyone else who is having troubles feel free to email them over. For folks trying to upload… make sure you follow the link in the post to the website and upload them there, not through Facebook. I wish I was a digital ninja and could have it work through Facebook, but you will need to upload through

  12. Gemma Jemima Edwards via Facebook says:


  13. I thought I had downloaded mine, but now its dissappeared :(

  14. Melanie – Not sure what’s wrong. You can email it to us at Emily and anyone else having troubles – send it over and I’ll put it on.

  15. Emily – What types do you have? I might be able to change it.

  16. Melanie Rose Shores via Facebook says:

    I am trying to upload right now and its taking forever and not really doing anything :(

  17. You guys don’t accept the video typs I have. I have tried 4 times to uploand!!!! Not fair at all, you should accept more video types if you want videos!

  18. Wendy Chilcote via Facebook says:

    That’s my Bailey!!! Awww :)

  19. @Lily – Did you upload Lily to the Videos page on I don’t see her ther and want to make sure you were able to share your video. Let me know if you tried to submit a video and I can help get it working. The videos are new so we’re still working through how to do it ;)

  20. Lily Curbello via Facebook says:

    Just uploaded Lily, and how she likes to start off the mornings! lol

    • BeagleFace says:

      Maybe there was a glitch uploading your video. Videos are new to us so we’re still working out how to do them right. Let us know if we can help you share your video of Lily. Take care!

  21. Beagles are the best… them